Sunday, 28 August 2011

Asignment : Video Raya

This is our video.enjoy guys ;)
*view large scale on youtube

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Shafiq Rizal

Shafiq Rizal. Thats my name that was given to me when i was born and im currently studying in UiTM Jengka Pahang. I am from shah alam, selangor.

I am  a simple boy who lived a simple live. I love my friends and i like to think of my friends as my own family because without them, i wont be where i am today.

I love MGT300 because it has given me more information that is to know about Information Technology. Beside that this subject also gives me more knowledge and skills in technology nowadays such as how to a create blog, hot keys, and many more.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mohd Zaffan Zamir

I am a person who loves doing outdoor activities.I'm a easy to work in groups.I always easy to help others.I was also very stubborn and can control the bad feelings that arise in me. :)

I have a group that i called that a friend that i cant find anywhere.I often do outdoor activities with them.they are all people who understand me.I am happy to be friends with them.we will all remain friends till the end :)
I love MGT 300 because it give me a lot of new knowledge about the IT world.I can also learn more in the field of computers and computer systems available.Lecturers who taught MGT300 is a lecturer who has helped me because she is my Academic Assistant I. I want to achieve excellent results in this subject MGT300. AMINN.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ask them about UiTM .

UiTM are one of the famous universities in Malaysia and most of the students are Malays. In UiTM, lecturers do not have problems faced by student for example NR students student which do not get collegue have to rent a house around UiTM.Some of them  feel difficult to came to campus because of transportation problems. The consequence, student late to lecture. Based from this reason hope that lecturers can understand the problem face by the NR students.

UiTM Jengka is the best campus from others.We can see that from the environment and classes. Most of the lecturer very kind and helpful to us and thats why make us enjoy learning in this campus. 

          Nik Nurul Azyan (BM111 )
I really do love to stay in this campus because of the environment here. It is more peaceful  rather than other campus in Malaysia. This factor makes most students feel comfortable to study here. Besides that Uitm Jengka also provides a good facilities as well as modern infrastructure. Same goes to the lectures Uitm picked a good and well qualified lecturers who are excelled and expert in their own fields.

Siti Hajar Binti Mohamed Yasin (BM111)
UiTM Jengka campus have a green environment because this campus surrounded by a forest. This make the atmosphere here calm and peace for mind. This environment very suitable for students to study because no interuption from oustside such as noise from construction and many more.

Kartini & Nabila


Fahami Hashih & Rabiah Abdullah